A detailed look at Union Pacific Railroad operations on one day in 1987

by John M Carr

Copyright (C) 2000

This report is a snapshot of the Union Pacific railroad. It is as if we took a picture of the whole railroad from a satellite and then began to examine each piece of the picture with a magnifying glass.

The Union Pacific snapshot was taken on Friday August 7, 1987. It covers scheduled symbol freight trains, some of the locals, and unit trains that operated that day at or around 12 noon. Because the System covers three time zones, it was 1000AM in the Pacific Time Zone and 1100AM in the Mountain Time Zone when our snapshot was taken. As we look at details within our snapshot, we will begin in the Northwest and work east and south.

Our snapshot does not cover the entire roster of the motive power operated by the Union Pacific. Most yard engines are not listed and some of the road units were in repair shops or on other railroads.

An employee timetable or a Railfan Timetable from Altamont Press will be extremely helpful as a reference while going through this report. However, there is a brief description of each line segment at the beginning of each section. In the line segment descriptions, the word "line" generally refers to single track with passing sidings and the word "tracks" refers to double track. Many of the sidings listed in this report are followed by the milepost location as reference.

To view a specific section, use the following index. To view the entire report, start at Seattle and use the browse buttons at the bottom of each page.

Seattle to Portland

Portland to Hinkle
Hinkle to LaGrande
LaGrande to Huntington

Huntington to Pocatello
Pocatello to Granger, WY

Oakland to Portola
Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Nevada and Utah
Portola, CA to Smelter, UT
Las Vegas to Salt Lake City

Overland Route
Salt Lake City to Rawlins, WY
Rawlins to North Platte
North Platte to Omaha
Gibbon, NE to Kansas City

Missouri, Illinois, and Arkansas
Kansas City to St. Louis
Chicago to North Little Rock
Kansas City to Little Rock
Kansas City to Memphis

Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana
North Little Rock to Dallas and El Paso
Okay Jct. to Taylor and Spring, TX
Little Rock to New Orleans
Palestine, TX to Laredo
Longview, TX to Houston
Alexandria to Brownsville