Video: Union Pacific Trains in Eastern Oregon

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Union Pacific's LaGrande Subdivision runs 286 miles from Hinkle Yard in Oregon to Nampa, Idaho. This subdivision crosses the spectacular Blue Mountains in eastern Oregon. Our video begins near the top of the Blue Mountains at Meacham, OR and follows this busy main line for 120 miles across three different mountain passes to Huntington.

Union Pacific train NPHK at MeachamUnion Pacific train NPHK at Meacham

This video has more than just long heavy trains operating through beautiful scenery. We explain the purpose and function of many of the trains and briefly visit the intermodal ramp at Seattle, the automobile facility at West Siding, and the grain elevators at Kalama, Washington. On screen graphics identify each train by symbol (the Union Pacific system for train identification) and lists the number of loads, empties, and total tonnage for the train.

Union Pacific train SEAPD at Kamela, ORUnion Pacific train PCHK at Kamela, OR

The majority of this video was filmed in 1996, just before the merger with the Southern Pacific. However there is some footage from 1992 and 2000.

Union Pacific train HKYR at OxmanUnion Pacific train GRBA at Oxman

45 minutes, in color, live audio, and narration