Union Pacific and MKT Locomotive Roster

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The following list is not an extensive roster of all the motive power operated by the Union Pacific, but gives the major classes of engines on the system. Chicago & Northwestern and MKT units are also listed. A couple unique units that show up in the report are listed individually.

90-95 GP40X
100-184 B23-7 exMP4600-4684
200-254 B30-7 exMP4800-4854
655 exWP3506 GP40
659 exWP3510 GP40
660 exWP3511 GP40
787 exWP3006 GP35
790 exWP3010 GP35
794 exWP3015 GP35
820 GP30
1555-1744 GP15-1 exMP1555-1744
2000-2059 GP38-2
2133-2334 exMP2133-2334
2400-2539 C30-7
2810-2999 U30C
3000-3122 SD40
3123-3808 SD40-2
3900-3973 SD40-2 exMP6000-6073
4000-4321 SD40-2 exMP3000-3321
4600-4684 B23-7 exMP4600-4684 (being renumbered 100-184)
6000-6059 SD60
CNW5050-5099 GP50
CNW6801-6935 SD40-2
MP633 exCRI&P GP40
MP1555-MP1744 GP15-1
MP2000-2001 GP28
MP2002-2007 GP38
MP2009-2334 GP38-2
MP3000-3089 SD40
MP3090-3321 SD40-2
MP3500-3529 GP50
MP4500-4537 U23B
MP4600-4684 B23-7
MP4800-4854 B30-7A
MP5000-5059 SD50
MP6000-6073 SD40-2
MP9000-9059 C36-7
MKT170-248 GP-40
MKT300-303 GP-38
MKT304-321 GP-38-2
MKT322-343 GP-38
MKT360-388 GP-39-2
MKT500-501 SLUG
MKT600-637 SD-40-2

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