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History of Gilluly Loops and D&RGW eastbound trains at Detour, Utah

D&RGW eastbound train 148 at Detour, Utah D&RGW eastbound train 136 at Detour

At Detour, Highway 6 bridges over the tracks. In 1898, the railroad added a second track to the steepest part of the line on the west side of Soldier Summit. In 1913 the railroad built a new alignment that kept the grade at two percent. To accomplish this the railroad crosses the canyon and then loops back to the west for about a mile, then loops around a hill and continues up to Soldier Summit. These curves have become known as the Gilluly Loops. East of Detour to very near the top of Soldier Summit, the highway was built on top of the original D&RGW right of way and climbs the hill on a four percent grade. On December 2, 1975 train 148 is coming through Detour in the snow. Almost five years later train 136 is almost in the same spot only on the north track. Notice that the siding has been removed. When the railroad installed CTC between Gilluly and Springville in 1975, it removed most of the old sidings. A derail was installed near the west end of this siding in June 1965 and after that the siding was only used as a storage track. Disk 31