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D&RGW Train Symbol 142 at Castilla, UT

Freight train 142 thunders up the slight grade at Castilla on June 2, 1989. The train has engines 5409, 5357, 5514, and 5403.

Train 136 near Thistle, Utah

We caught this train approaching Thistle on August 20, 1980 and chased it to near the Colorado border. Train 136 has engines 5325, 5317, and 5333 pulling 62 cars. On April 14, 1983 after several weeks of rain, the hillside above the train gave way. The mud and rock became a dam, blocking the flow of water in the Spanish Fork River. A lake formed behind the dam and put the little town of Thistle under 50 feet of water. The railroad was shut down for 81 days.

Thistle, Utah school building

The stone walls of the school at Thistle survived the flood. However, it may be awhile before school resumes. Disk 30