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Utah Railway Intermountain Power Plant coal train at Gomex, Utah Utah Railway Intermountain Power Plant coal train at Gomex

It is easy to tell the heritage of these Utah Railway units. A coal train for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Intermountain Power Plant comes by Gomex on June 2, 1989 and ducks under the US 6 highway bridge. In the top picture you can see the explosives plant. A truck loaded there with 35,500 pounds of explosives crashed and exploded further up the canyon in August 2005.

D&RGW empty coal train 772 at Gomex, UT

The next morning I took this picture of train 772 from the highway bridge. In 1914 the D&RGW began using the Utah Railway line between Provo and Thistle as a second track. You can see that the Utah Railway crews veered off from following the Rio Grande here just west of Gomex. This gave the railroad double track from Provo all the way to Helper. Disk 30