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Rio Grande Railroad coal trains and Amtrak at Springville, UT

Rio Grande Railroad loaded coal train at Springville, UT Amtrak California Zephyr at Springville Rio Grande Railroad empty coal train at Springville, UT

The morning of June 3, 1989 started off rather slow. We were hoping to catch a slow heavy eastbound freight to chase over Soldier Summit. Our first train was a westbound coal train (Extra 5515 West Number 785) followed by the eastbound California Zephyr at Springville. Not hearing much activity, we ventured north to Geneva and decided to chase train 772 back to Helper. In the bottom picture, train 772 is coming through Provo. Train 772 will set out the three tank cars here at Provo and then leave with 54 empty coal hoppers at 1,720 tons. Disk 30