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United States Steel Baldwin locomotive at Geneva, Utah

USS Baldwin Geneva

On June 3, 1989 Baldwin number 24 idles the time away in the scrap metal yard at the huge steel mill at Geneva. I think this locomotive was built in 1943 for the Carbon County Railway and transferred to Geneva when the railroad acquired two SW1200s in 1958. The steel mill was built during WWII, completed in 1945 and sold to US Steel in 1946. The Geneva Steel mill was shut down in 1986, sold to investors and started production again in 1987. During 1989 the plant shipped 1,368,000 tons of steel. The plant was shut down in November 2002. Disk 30

In 1945 the railroad added eight miles of second track in the area and consolidated the control of the CTC segments into one machine at Salt Lake City. The double track was signaled for bidirectional running on either track.