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UP train KLLB6 at Modena, Utah

UP train KLLB6 at Modena, Utah UP engines 2531 and 3389 on train KLLB6 at Modena UP train symbol KLLB6 at Modena, UT

We have taken a detour to the southwest corner of Utah on Union Pacific's line between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, NV. Coming right out of the sun is train KLLB6 on July 10, 1989. It has engines 2531 and 3389. It will meet train LAAP7 at Uvada (on the state line), nine miles west of Modena, Utah. Train KLLB6 was scheduled out of Salt Lake City at 3:50AM on Monday and into Long Beach, CA at 8:00AM the next morning. It handled K-Line containers from the Global 1 terminal in Chicago. During 1916, the LA&SL started a signal program and added US&S Style B signals between LA and Pomona. During 1917 and 1918, the LA&SL added Federal Type 4A semaphore signals from Rox, NV to Modena, UT. The LA&SL became part of the UP in 1921. Federal was combined with GRS in 1923. The signal program was stopped due to WWI and not restarted until 1926. It finished the signal job on the remaining 395 miles of main line trackage on November 10, 1927 using US&S color light signals. The last and maybe the hardest section due to the desert heat was Las Vegas to Daggett, CA. Total cost for the 1926-27 signal project was $1,189,130. Disk 30