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Union Pacific Railroad train OVE at Curvo, UT

Curvo is not an easy place to get to and it is not easy to photograph trains there. The eastbound track goes under the west track just before it ducks into a tunnel. On November 9, 1976 train OVE will soon go under this bridge and head into the tunnel. I met one of the ranch hands that works in the area and he agreed not to shoot me if I left right after the train went by. I thought that was mighty nice of him since I didn't have anything to bargain with. My advice, stay out of this area. It is much more scenic further down Echo Canyon.

Union Pacific freight train symbol SDX near Curvo

About 30 minutes earlier, train SDX (Extra 3208 East) pops out of the east end of the lower tunnel. Train symbol SDX handled traffic from Salt Lake City to Denver. Disk 74