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Cascade Mountains
and Central Washington
Train Picture Gallery

Washington Central caboose at Yakima, WA

For this series we cover most of eastern Washington. We will follow former Milwaukee Road and Northern Pacific across the mountains east of Stampede Pass and Spokane, Portland, and Seattle trackage east of Vancouver.

In 1913, the NP added 174 signals from Sunnyside, WA to Cle Elum on 85 miles of single track and added 104 signals from Lester, WA to Auburn on 43 miles of single track. In 1914, the NP added 121 signals Pasco to Sunnyside 66 miles and 32 signals Cle Elem to Easton 13 miles. In 1919, it added 38 signals Easton, WA to Lester on one mile of single track and 19 miles of double track. On the double track segments between Lester and Easton, the downhill track was signaled in both directions. In 1923, it added 237 signals from Chaney to Pasco, WA 128 miles. Cost of materials and installation was $445,000. The railroad shut down four train order stations and eliminated five passing sidings after signals were installed. When completed, it gave the NP automatic block signals from St. Paul all the way to Tacoma and Seattle.

In 1945, NP planned to modify operation on Stampede Pass. It ordered GRS two interlocking machines, two power switches, and relocate 12 signals so trains could run either way on either track. The Easton machine had 3 levers and Lester two. The NP completed the installation of radios on 13 locomotives and 11 cabooses with base stations at Auburn and Yakima on June 6, 1949.

All pictures in this series are on disks 9, 10, 11, and 14. You can purchase a disk and printout any of the pictures for your own use to dress up your train room or add color to a house that just cries out for more train pictures.

Cle Elum
Dead Freight
Empire Builder
Cabin Creek Bridge
Maple Valley
Washington Central
Yakima, WA
Wheeler Turn
North Dalles
Wallace, ID

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