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BN Train 3 at Ephrata, Washington

BN Train 3 at Wilson Creek, WA

Train 3 (Pacific Zip) is zipping through Wilson Creek, WA on June 22, 1979.

BN Train 3 at Ephrata, Washington

As the train went through Ephrata, it slowed down to drop off some water to a thirsty BN M/W crew. Disk 6

BN work train Ephrata, WA

This picture was taken by Dan Bolyard on April 30, 2006 from the same spot on the route 282 bridge. There have been a few changes over the span of 27 years. The short spur on the right off the siding was removed. The old warehouse has received a coat of white paint and a self-storage place has been added next to it. The grain elevator in the distance is still there. The biggest difference is the little tree that didn't even show up in my picture now dominates the scene and someone has cleared out all of the weeds. This picture is not on the disk.

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