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Burlington Northern freight trains passing the depot at Skykomish

Burlington Northern freight train 90 passing the railroad depot at Skykomish

BN train 90 passes the station at Skykomish, WA on April 26, 1973. It has engines 875, 6525, and 6560. The train will pick up a helper here to get over Stevens Pass.

Burlington Northern freight train 33 passing the depot at Skykomish

BN2238, CNW6876, and BN 6448 lead train 33 through Skykomish, WA on June 23, 1979. This was a very busy station at one time. All motive power was changed here. Electric power was used for 74 miles from here east through the Cascade Tunnel to Wenatchee. Steam and later diesels handled trains west to Seattle. Electric operations ended in 1956 when a new ventilation system was added to the Cascade Tunnel. Disk 6