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Washington Central caboose at Yakima, WA

Washington Central engines 203, 301, 201, and 302 at Yakima, WA

Yakima, WA is home to the Washington Central. The railroad took over the former Northern Pacific trackage from Pasco to Cle Elum in October 1986. The railroad was taken over by BNSF in December 1996 to reopen the line over Stampede Pass. The railroad not only providing switching for local industries, it also operated a diner train. Engine 203 switches a cut of cars on August 27, 1987. In the background are engines 301, 201, and 302. The 200 series switch engines were built by EMD around 1965 for the Missouri Pacific. The 300 series GP9s were built by EMD in 1959 for the Northern Pacific. Disk 10

Washington Central engine 203 at Yakima, Washington Washington Central engines 203 at Yakima Washington Central caboose at Yakima, WA

The Washington Central not only had nice looking engines, it also had a good looking caboose. Note the friction bearing trucks. Disk 11