Video: Western Coal Part 2, the Orin Line in eastern Wyoming

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Wyoming coal mines produced nearly 350 million tons of coal in 2000 and the railroads put on a spectacular show as they moved this tonnage to power plants around the country. The Western Coal video series examines operations from the mines to the power plants. Western Coal Part 2 looks at the big show along the Orin Line in eastern Wyoming as BNSF and UP trains move nearly one million tons of coal per day. The program begins at Belle Ayr Jct. and follows the action south to Guernsey.

Coal train on the Orin Line hauling coal out of the Powder River Basin in Wyoming

Footage from 1992 shows a very congested single track railroad. BN power was mostly SD40s, U33Cs, and some Oakway SD60s. UP had almost brand new C41-8Ws and CNW had C40-8Ws. Footage from 2000 shows a busy double and triple track main line. UP was using C44ACs along with brand new SD90ACs while almost all of the BNSF power was SD70MACs. Footage from Peabody Energy gives us a tour of the Rochelle Mine.

57 minutes, in color, live audio, and narration