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Welcome to CarrTracks, the leading website for western historical train symbol information. I have been producing freight train history, blocking, and schedule books since 1984. I hope some of the information posted here helps you enjoy this great hobby. There are over 3,000 pages on this site, so make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back again.

About me
My interest is in railroad freight train operations and photography, primarily the Santa Fe, BNSF, Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, and Southern Pacific. See the about page for more information about me and my connections with the railroads.

The CarrTracks library contains articles on railroad operations where you will find interesting content and good illustrations. Right now, the three largest articles are on the Burlington Northern, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific. A smaller article covers hot intermodal trains on the Santa Fe. There is also an article to help model railroaders dream up realistic names for their towns, industries, and trains. You can click on most of the small pictures to display a larger image and get additional information. Please remember that all of the photos are copyrighted by CarrTracks and should not be used without permission.

The CarrTracks train picture gallery is divided into sections of pictures. Most sections are arranged in geographical order. The picture pages have been chained together so you can easily view all of the pictures in a particular section. There are over 6,000 pictures in the Gallery. I have upgrading the site to be compatible with cell phones. However, the majority of the website is for viewing photographs, so your cell phone may not like the wide pictures.


One of the new features on the web is the live railcam feeds. For those that are interested in knowing more about the trains that are passing the Flagstaff, AZ cameras, I've put together a 14 page train recognition guide. The top page is the Flagstaff Guide. Information was last updated on January 26, 2020. I've also added a history of Santa Fe and Southern Pacific signals to the library (first two entries).

The Sales area has been shut down because costs were exceeding income. You can still email me (see below) to check on photo CDs and I'll send you instructions.

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CAUTION: There are over 3,000 pages on this site, there are 2,600 pages that may take more than 30 seconds to load if you are on a very slow modem. The number of slow pages is getting higher due to larger picture sizes. Pictures that had been around 50K are now 100K or larger.

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