About John Carr the CarrTracks Webmaster

My wife and I are missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. We provide technical assistance to staff and students at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, TX. For information about Wycliffe and an opportunity to help, see our page on the Wycliffe website.

This website is hosted by CrossSpot in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to all that have purchased my books and videos. I want to keep this website free for the enjoyment of railfans everywhere. Your purchases help me pay the bills for maintaining this website.

I grew up in Antelope Valley, which is located on the western edge of the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Los Angeles, CA. I spent many hours along the right of way of Southern Pacific's San Joaquin Division. This division operated from Sacramento south to Los Angeles and includes the famous Tehachapi Loop.

SSBN 657

I was in the first graduating class from Rosamond High School in 1966. I joined the Navy in 1967 and served on the USS Francis Scott Key (SSBN 657). This was a Polaris submarine.

Navigation Center

Here I am on my first patrol with "Smitty" and "Kool Man." I would complete my qualification in submarines the following patrol. We are leaning on the NCC (Navigation Control Console). To the right is the NOCC (Navigation Operational Check-out Consol). Smitty is standing at a strategic spot in front of the NCC so you can't read the ship's latitude and longitude. If you look real close you will see that I am trying to grow a beard. After I won the straggliest beard contest for four patrols straight, they quite giving out the prize. During the submarine's conversion to Poseidon missiles at Bremerton, WA in 1973, I had my own conversion experience. This experience changed everything in my life. My photography miraculously improved.

Black River Tower

While the submarine was at Bremerton Naval Shipyard, I photographed trains in the Seattle area. I often visited the Black River Junction interlocking tower located eight miles south of Seattle. That's me lining up the plant for a northbound UP train headed to Argo Yard.

During my Navy days, I was generally assigned to New London, CT or Dam Neck (near Norfolk, VA). Since my family was in Southern California, I made numerous cross county trips. Each of these trips included a week or more of train chasing.

White Mountain Scenic Railroad

This was a picture my brother Steve took while we were on a train chasing trip in 1970. We were riding the White Mountain Scenic and were able to talk the engineer into letting us ride in the cab for part of the trip.

After getting out of the Navy, I settled in Dallas. It was there that I met my wife, Ruth. We were married in Washington state and honeymooned in British Columbia. Ruth also enjoys train chasing. She records all of the engine numbers as the trains pass, helps with navigation, and a multitude of other duties. See the Gallery for pictures from many of our trips.

Although life is busy, I still try to get out and chase trains when the weather is nice. As time permits, I will add more pictures and video clips to this site.

There are a few other people that go by the name John Carr. Don't be fooled by imposters.